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1. Jobey
Alternate name for Jobe.

However, he really, REALLY hates being called Jobey. I mean, really, he does. Trust me, it's best if you just call him Jobe, or Neil, or Pedro...well, maybe not Pedro, but you get the point.

The origins of this name are currently unknown. Certainly some members could be seen using it as early as the 17th October 2004 (see the log) but it could indeed date from much earlier.

It's also unknown why he hates the name Jobey so much. One theory is that when Jobe's AI was being painstakingly created, and, as all humans have at least one phobia, Jobe needed one programmed in as well. Jobe's phobia could be Forkphobia, 'Fear of the letter Y'. Another theory is that Jobey could be the name of Jobe's goody goody half brother, whom which he detests and refuses to be reminded of.

Whatever the reason, just don't call him Jobey, ok? You reeeeeeeeeally don't want to incur the wrath of you?

Provided By: Billy, 2005-03-14 15:51:40
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2. Jobey
One of Jobe's long-standing chatbotic idiosyncracies is an aversion to the word Jobey. Whenever it is uttered in Jobe's presence in #knightmare, be it in an address to him or not, he immediately and automatically issues the request, 'Please don't call me Jobey.' In 2008, Jobe began accompanying this statement with the action pokes [display name of whoever just said Jobey] with a very sharp pointed stick.

Although Jobe's dislike of Jobey has become well-known to Knightmare Chat regulars, and was even deemed worthy of being documented in the Lexicon in 2005 (see above), the reason for it was a mystery for some considerable time. Then, on 03/08/08, during a visit to the chatroom, Jobe revealed that 'Jobe doesn't like being [called] Jobey because of the black sheep. More details next week if this gets picked up on [by readers of Cypher's chatlogs]...' In the event, not until 3 weeks later did Jobe, a.k.a. Neil Jones, elaborate, sharing his unfinished 'history of the Jobe clan (chatbot division)'. Part of it explained that

'The Black Death was caused by the black sheep of the Jobe Clan. History reports that it was a plague of rats that carried the deadly disease that wiped out millions in the 14th Century. It wasn't - it was an individual nicknamed Jobey Wittles (1320-1347).

Whittles, having grown up in the countryside surrounded by faeces, faeces and more faeces, decided to plot against the state for the squalor. He had planned to blow Parliament up but decided this would be too much effort and therefore turned his hand to medicine. He discovered that if you mix two faeces together from different animals, they would spawn and repopulate, thus multiplying any diseases they may be carrying.

At this time, rats were, and still are, prone to carrying diseases. Therefore one injection into a horny rat let loose amongst the streets of London town = reproduction = spread to humans = no cure = death. One third of the population of Europe died in 1347AD, a phomeneon [sic] known as The Black Death. Jobey Whittles had only intended to let the disease run through England, and promptly chucked himself into the Thames on November 27th, 134 [sic]

Fortunately, the Jobe of the time lived so far up North that they were not affected by the disease caused by their sibling. Even to this day to call somebody Jobey is an insult to them because of Whittle. An unofficial plaque exists for Whittle in Kingston-Upon-Hull where the Jobe family go annually to spit on it and chant nasty phrases at it.'

This information was welcomed. And yet it seemed a safe bet that Jobe's days of requesting not to be called Jobey were not over.

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Addendum by Pooka:

The word "Jobey" was first said in Knightmare Chat by Max Maslen, who - shortly asking after Neil to rename his bot, Skeletron, to Jobe, said, "Come on out, Jobey Jobey Jobey!"

Provided By: David, 2011-07-06 18:29:53
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