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1. Jake Collins
Date of birth: 12/06/1983.
Residence: Lowestoft, Suffolk.
Knightmare fan: September 1987 onwards.
TES editor: July 2001 - July 2011.
KMRAmDRam team member: December 2008 - March 2016.
Knightmare Audio Series team member: July 2010 - December 2017.

Editor of The Eye Shield fanzine. First contributed to TES issue 2 with a letter about wall monsters; prolific contributor to all subsequent issues up to December 1997. Resurrected TES in July 2001 (after finishing A Levels) and produced a new issue every two months for exactly ten years, finally bringing TES to an end in July 2011 with its seventieth issue.

Brother of Rosey Collins.

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