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1. Ixia
 [Related Image] What the other Lexicon article on Ixia currently makes no mention of is her existence prior to RPG Season 3. Ixia first appeared in Session 2 of RPG Season 2 - as a hand-drawn character created by Lucy of Tiger Fish Studios and played via text by Adam Battersby. In a debut encounter that evoked Lillith, an ailing Ixia on Level 2 mistook Team 1 for a healer but refused them help when the Aspirin jar they offered her turned out to be empty. She did not kill them however: she merely condemned them to death at the fleshless hands of a password-seeking skeletron guard. It was not until later in the season that Ixia's power and malevolence came into focus.
 [Related Image] In Session 12, it was revealed that Ixia had kidnapped three female companions of the polygamous centaur Meridian. With the females imprisoned in her complex, Meridian was forced to do her bidding in order to ensure their safety. During this period, he slew Team 8. It was not until Session 15 that Ixia's daunting technomagical complex was breached and the centaurs reunited. Ixia herself, having shrewdly avoided a clash with both the Powers That Be and the Unholy King, went undefeated and returned in two further RPG seasons.

According to Lucy's website at the time, a cat called Bastet had been designed as a pet for Ixia, although she was not seen with a feline during RPG2. As female co-creator of Ixia, it was only fitting that Lucy should take on the role in her RPG3 and RPG4 video appearances. Lucy noted on her website that Ixia of RPG2 bore an unintended resemblance to Courtney Cox.

The explanation for Ixia's name is unclear. It could be a botanical reference; it could also be a nod to Lone Wolf gamebook The Deathlord of Ixia. It is probably coincidence that it sounds a little like Billy answering the register.

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2. Ixia
 [Related Image] Ixia was a long-standing Opposition character in the Knightmare RPG. She appeared in the first series to introduce video, RPG Season 3. She remained a character until the end of RPG Season 4. She was initially created by Adam Battersby, and portrayed on screen by Lucy Warriner (later Lucy Scarisbrick-Wright), also known as Sidriss.

Ixia was a cold, ruthless, domineering lady with an alluring costume and an iron fist. She was totally merciless; negotiation was simply not possible. She abhorred the Powers That Be, hated Dungeoneers, and would occasionally argue with Lord Wraith, although there was no open hostility between them. They were in no official alliance, though.

Ixia returned in RPG Season 4, wherein she had gained servants, such as George. Conducting her business with a smooth voice and a calm, colder manner than before, Ixia remained a malevolent force for the utmost evil.

She did not return for RPG Season 5 under mysterious circumstances. The power vacuum left by her allowed Wraith to claim the unrivalled title of Leader of the Opposition for good.

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