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1. I, Julius
The second Knightmare fanfiction story written by Drassil (David), after joining the online Knightmare fan community to promote interest in his first fanfic Enter, Leaper and meeting with a positive response for it.

I, Julius is another crossover fanfic that incorporates characters and elements of the American science-fiction TV series Quantum Leap. The title is a reference to the Robert Graves novel I, Claudius. The story is set at the time of Knightmare Series 5, though characters seen only in other Knightmare series feature too. The fanfic centres around Julius Scaramonger, and several of Knightmare's unanswered questions are addressed, e.g. the names of Mrs. Scaramonger and the Little Scaramongers.

I, Julius can be read here. Its sequel is The Endless Quest.

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Provided By: David, 2016-03-25 17:02:56
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