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1. Grimwolds
As Knightmare developed, the decision was made to depict and suggest the presence of families among the realm's inhabitants, thereby adding richness to the existent variety of characters. The first such family were the Grimwolds.
 [Related Image] The patriarch, if one can call him that, was an ogre known as Grimwold. His wife was Mrs. Grimwold (some fans have speculated that her forename is Enid). Their pet was the curious and menacing creature called Festus. All three characters were seen (or heard) in Series 3 only.
 [Related Image] However, the Grimwolds gained new life in Series 6. Julius Scaramonger (something of a family man himself) was seen with an assistant whom he referred to as "Young Grimwold". More references were made: Lord Fear compared the voracious appetite of his dragon Red Death to the Grimwolds'; and Elita was almost sold to them, with Skarkill claiming that they'd "always wanted an elf". This implies that the Grimwolds remained a thriving (albeit decidely neutral) family within Knightmare. Tim Child has endorsed this via The Quest newsletter (click here for the relevant article).

In various works by Knightmare fans (the Surrounds forum, the fanfic Young And Old and RPG Season 7), it has been suggested that the Grimwolds have another son, Ergo Grimwold. Rosey Collins' fanfic Little Ogre Annie, published in Issue 64 of The Eye Shield, depicts life in the Grimwold household, where the couple's numerous children include the eponymous daughter, her sister Sophie, and brothers Cliff and Biff.

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