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1. Grimdale
 [Related Image] Yet another name to include in Knightmare's gazetteer. Grimdale occupied part of Level 1 in at least one Series 7 quest, that of Team 6 of Series 7. Brother Strange described it in somewhat uninsightful terms: "fair country, but it lies within Dungeon dimensions." A town named Warlock was located in Grimdale - might it be more than coincidence that 'in Grimdale' is an anagram of Grimaldine? - and Team 6 were told to seek out Rothberry there.

Grimdale in reality is Kentwell Hall in Long Melford, Suffolk.

Grimdale is also mentioned in The Quest. According to Issue 3.2, Ah Wok maintained a stall there, from which Sylvester Hands' cookbook could be acquired for 'three Dungeon dollars'. In Issue 4.1, Cadrighan the Chronicler states (in his editorial) that Lord Fear has invested in Miremen from Atlantis, but has had no luck trying to feed them artificial tuna; and as a result, business has boomed for Grimdale's fishmonger.

The place is also referred to in the Knightmare Top Trumps cards published in The Quest. It is stated that Ah Wok and Rothberry have stalls there, and the tavern where Marta works is said to be in 'the town of Grimdale'. According to Brother Mace's Knightmare Top Trumps card, he became 'far too busy in the Grimdale Monastery wine cellars to help Dungeoneers'.

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