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1. Foehn
Foehn (pronounced /foʊɛn/, with a silent h) was an RPG Season 4 character played by Lucy "Sidriss" Warriner. She was a member of The Three Winds, and as such, was an Opposition character aligned with evil.

Described by Kieran as "by far the most collective of the group", Foehn indeed saw the Winds as a force to be reckoned with if they worked together as a team. This proved to be an interesting contract with Zephyron, who saw himself as very much a leader, and Gregale, who had his own amount of ambition.

Foehn was occasionally portrayed as the most intelligent of the group, with a spark of humanity: after the Banshee was killed, she came up with the plan of resurrecting it to use on a mission, rather than risking her teammates.

Like the rest of the Winds, Foehn was cast in shadow and wore a hooded black cloak which concealed her true visage. She usually stood on the left of the Winds' scrying pool, opposite Gregale.

The Winds left the Dungeon after the events of RPG4 and were never seen, or mentioned, again. After an absence, Lucy returned to the cast in RPG Season 7 to play a new character, Isilmé.

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