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1. Finders Keepers
A saying which holds that the finder of an object can take rightful ownership of it. The phrase featured on a clue scroll found by Team 2 of Series 7 on Level 2, but could easily apply to clue rooms throughout Knightmare.

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From 1991-1996 (and in 2006), many Knightmare fans knew Finders Keepers as the name of a game show, also seen on CITV, in which teams answered questions, followed cryptic clues and searched rooms without fourth walls (in case, within a studio house) for various objects. Like Fun House, it was based on and named after an American game show.

Finders Keepers' main 1990s presenter was Neil Buchanan. A 1994 episode of the series was shown on channel CITV on January 5th 2013 (before Fun House and Knightmare) as part of its Old Skool Weekend marking Children's ITV's thirtieth anniversary.

In 2006 on the Forum, Drassil wrote a sketch in which a Finders Keepers-style 'chamber raid' took place in the Knightmare Castle antechamber. Later, KM fans Dan the Spellcaster (a.k.a. Dan the Countdowner) and Natter45 wrote D+LGSW - Finders Keepers, a full-length script in which the authors appear as Neil's co-hosts in an episode of Finders Keepers featuring Lord Fear, Elita, Motley and Sidriss as contestants. It can be read here.

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