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1. Erin Geraghty
Although Erin Geraghty was listed among the 'players' in the end credits of Knightmare Series 4 episodes, many Watchers have been uncertain of her precise role, leading to reckless conjecture. For many years, erroneously declared that she took the part of Series 4's ogre.

In early 2006, Billy Hicks found the actress' website, where she is credited simply as having played 'GoodyBadWife', i.e. Mistress Goody. In March of the same year, David (Drassil) made contact with Erin via email:

Thank you for your email. I did enjoy working on Knightmare - although I remember that my children would not come near me when I was in costume!It was very convenient for me, as I was living in Norwich at the time. I am frequently amazed by the continued popularity of the programme.

Erin Geraghty is an experienced actress, with a range of TV, film and theatre appearances to her name. These include EastEnders, The Bill, The Tales Of Beatrix Potter and various William Shakespeare plays (one of which was Macbeth, in which she played, as on Knightmare, a witch). Her skills include nearly two dozen accents and dialects, Latin American dancing and horse riding.

Personal life: Erin was born around 1955 and is married to actor and presenter Paul Lavers, born around 1950, who later did work for Anglia Television during Knightmare's time. In November 1982, in South London, the couple's triplet daughters, Ciara, Andrea and Fionnuala, were born at 28 weeks. In an interview with The Sunday Mirror in 2001, Erin spoke of the difficulties that ensued: "A few hours after the girls were born and whisked off into incubators, I went into heart failure ... Paul and I would sit by their incubators, urging them not to give up, saying 'Come on girls, you can do it!'" Remaining in fragile health for some time, the babies were back and forth from hospital in their first year with ailments that included hernias, stomach bugs, bronchiolitis, heart failure, a collapsed lung, suspected blindness and even broken ribs from physiotherapy. Erin has referred to "a dozen or so phone calls from the hospital saying, 'Get here now'. We were on an emotional rollercoaster, the stress was horrendous. Even now, a phone call in the early hours makes my stomach churn." After 16 months, she and Paul were able to enjoy having all three daughters at home in Kent at the same time. By the start of the 1990s, Erin Geraghty's nightmare reality had been swapped for Knightmare fantasy.

Erin's website can be found here.

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