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1. Enter, Leaper
The first Knightmare fanfiction story written by Drassil (David).

Enter, Leaper is a crossover fanfic, incorporating characters and elements of the American science-fiction TV series Quantum Leap. It was an elaboration of one of Drassil's entries to an IKM Caption Competition entitled 'Cartoon Shockery' in 2003:

Dr. Sam Beckett: 'Al, why haven't I leaped yet?' Al: 'Well, Sam, accordin' to Ziggy, there's a 92% you're here to stop Mellisandre from marryin' Motley.'

The title parodies the Knightmare quotation "Enter, Stranger!" The story centres around Motley. Most other characters from Knightmare Series 3 are featured too, including Mellisandre, Golgarach, Velda, Grimwold, Festus, Medusa and Mogdred.

Enter, Leaper can be read here. Its sequels are I, Julius, The Endless Quest and The Cure For Disruption.

In 2010, an additional scene was inserted into Enter, Leaper, following the discovery that it had been omitted when the story was originally typed up and published.

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