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1. Edward Deal
Some time after Edward Deal's rise and fall on Knightmare Roleplay, the character featured in a fanfic titled Trade In The Old For The New, written by Ricky Temple a.k.a. Skarkill and published in parts in The Eye Shield from 2005 to 2007 (links via the Knightmare Fanfic Compendium here). Near the end of the story, Deal's origins are explained as the result of a UNITE spell cast on Julius Scaramonger and Honesty Bartram by Sidriss in an attempt to reverse each man's severe blood loss, caused by injuries sustained during a landslide. Edward Deal's name, self-given, is judged by Lord Fear to be 'a bit corny'.

Provided By: David, 2012-06-10 19:19:06
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2. Edward Deal
Edward Deal

Edward Deal was The Opposition Trader on the Surrounds Roleplay Forum. A charming and smooth talking villain nothing was to low or underhanded fro Edward. His crimes included.

· The Murder of Skarkill

· Assaulting Kully

· Kidnap

· Robbery/Poaching

Armed with his trusty Darkness Powder, Deal was a menace to the good citizens of Wolfenden. Alliances to Lord Fear, The Dark Lord Scareye & The Local Assassin Guild made him even more disliked.

When he was unmasked as a murderer & woman beater, he agreed to work for Scareye in return for a new Identity, he became Henry Oliver Nesty. But his continued failures lead to this new identity being taken from him and he perished in a fight with his arch nemesis The Hobo Magician Tom Troughton when Deal fell to his Death from atop the Dunnfalls.

Provided By: Ricky, 2004-11-01 23:49:34
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