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1. Dungeon
The name for the entirety of the surrounds of Knightmare Castle.

In the original two series, the Dungeoneers went on their quests in the rooms underneath the Castle, so the name 'dungeon' comes from that. In Series 3, the quests often went into the catacombs beyond the Dungeon, and in Series 4, Dungeoneers began to go out into the forests surrounding the nearby areas, in order to get to other entrances to the lower levels. The entire area was, however, still referred to as the 'Dungeon'.

From Series 5 to Series 7, quests usually took place half-inside and half-outside, including such locations as the village of Wolfenden and the aforementioned forests. With the exception of Level 3, none of this could really be described as a dungeon, but the name 'Dungeon' was, by this time, long since established as the name for the entire realm of Knightmare.

Series 8 saw the Dungeoneers returning to the chambers directly below Knightmare Castle for two levels before gaining access to the underground sea, the Great Mire. It's a safe assumption that Levels 1 and 2 were the last we saw of what could generally be termed 'The Dungeon'.

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