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1. Drassil
A character who appears in RPG Season 6 and RPG Season 7. Drassil is an entrepreneur of dubious morals whose affiliation was initially regarded as Powers That Be, but whose behaviour and motivations come to mark him out as Neutral. One of his closest associates in the Dungeon was the apothecary Ingard, with whom Drassil had an intermittent trading rivalry. Drassil's customary greeting is "Hullo, wayfarer".

Drassil is played by David, and takes his name from David's Knightmare community username.

Drassil also appears in the fanfics Knightmare: Resurrection and Level 5.

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2. Drassil
A member of the online Knightmare community. First appearing as an entrant of Caption Competitions on IKM in 2003, the username Drassil was created by reversing the name of a character from the series - its evocation of Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse mythology, is just coincidence. Within the community, Drassil has been involved with and its forum, writing filks and fanfics (including Enter, Leaper, I, Julius, The Endless Quest, Young And Old and The Cure For Disruption), the Knightmare Roleplay Forum (where he has played a version of Young Grimwold), Sing Back Knightmare, the Lexicon, the 2014 Knightmare Convention, and with RPG Season 6 (where he played Drassil, Ghutlar and a CITV Presenter) followed by RPG Season 7 (where he again played Drassil). Some Knightmare fans have speculated that Drassil was the inspiration for the 'Lissard backwards' combination used in Knightmare VR's Slice Me Dice Me puzzle but this has never been confirmed.

Drassil generally prefers to be called by his real name, David.

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