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1. David Verrey
David Verrey played Golgarach and McGrew in series 3 of Knightmare. Despite the fact that he only appeared in eight episodes altogether, Verrey has been one of the most frequently seen Knightmare actors on television since appearing in the programme.

Guest roles in Poirot and Birds of a Feather in the early '90s led on to a regular role in the Channel Five soap opera Family Affairs from 1999 to 2000. Also in 1999, Verrey appeared in an episode of the eighth series of the popular BBC sitcom Red Dwarf, playing a large bully whom Cat (Danny John-Jules) was trying to goad into beating him up so that he would be sent to the hospital wing.

More recently, David Verrey has popped up in the film Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason in the role of Giles Benwick, and then in the first series of the new Doctor Who, in which he played one of the large-bodied people who were taken over by the Slitheen.

In 2007, David Verrey has appeared in both The Afternoon Play and Judge John Deed on BBC1. He was also in The Bill on ITV1 at 8pm on Wednesday April 11th 2007 as Mark Bright, a private investigator.

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2. David Verrey
 [Related Image] Updated filmography for David Verrey:
- The Bill (2 episodes, 1989 / 2007), as Sam Bowman (father of an abducted baby) and private investigator Mark Bright
- Secret Weapon (film, year unknown)
- Paul Merton: The Series (1 episode, 1991), as an alcoholic actor
- London's Burning (1 episode, 1991), as a fitness club receptionist
- Agatha Christie's Poirot (1 episode, 1993), as a chef
- Pest Control! Harassment At Work (6 training videos, 1994)
- Kavanagh QC (1 episode, 1995), as a Duty Sergeant alongside Bill Cashmore's Detective Sergeant
- Supply & Demand (TV movie, 1997), as Bruce
- Birds Of A Feather (1 episode, 1997), as prison officer Larry Shorthouse
- Family Affairs (over 200 episodes, 1998-1999), as chef Dudley Starr (a.k.a. Serge Pompidou)
- Red Dwarf VIII (1 episode, 1999), as prisoner Big Meat
- Lexx (1 episode, 2001), as murdered American businessman Trent
- Dream Team (unknown episodes, 2001), as Tomkins
- Art Of The Garden (1 episode, 2004), as architect Decimus Burton
- Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (film, 2004), as Mark Darcy's colleague Giles Benwick
- Casanova (unknown episodes, 2005)
- Doctor Who (2 episodes, 2005), as acting Prime Minister Joseph Green
- Ultimate Force (1 episode, 2006), as Colombian police officer Captain Garcia
- Sixty Six (film, 2006), as Mr Kimmel
- Judge John Deed (2 episodes, 2007), as Defence Secretary Martin Griffin
- Pieces Of A Silver Lining (TV play, 2007), as a judge
- Diamond Geezer (1 episode, 2007), as Albert Silverman
- Little Dorrit (1 episode, 2008), as a French man
- Attack On Leningrad (film, 2009), as Lawrence Finley
- Masterwork (TV movie, 2009), as Ramon Apesteguia
- Law & Order: UK (1 episode, 2011), as pathologist Rory Glenstock
- Garrow's Law (1 episode, 2011), as silk weaver Thomas Capel
- Magwitch (short film, 2012), as lawyer Mr Jaggers
- Game Of Thrones (1 episode, 2012), as the High Septon
- The Fear (unknown episodes, 2012), as Gordon Philips
- Ripper Street (1 episode, 2013), as Russian ambassador Volsky
- The Musketeers (1 episode, 2014), as Raul Mendoza
- The Game (1 episode, 2014), as Edgar
- Holby City (1 episode, 2015), as patient Brendan Roberts

He has also appeared on stage and radio. Click here to visit David's website. His Spotlight page and showreel can be found here.

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3. David Verrey
Was in Knightmare in 1989 as Golgarach and McGrew.

Other Television Credits Include:
Family Affairs
Doctor Who 2005 as Joseph Green in Episodes Aliens of London & World War Three
Red Dwarf

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