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1. Classic Quest
Regular feature of The Eye Shield fanzine that summarised and reviewed individual quests from Knightmare Series 1-8, level by level. It was started by Paul McIntosh in Issue 4 (September 1996), and Team 6 of Series 3 (Dungeoneer: Ross) was the first one covered. When editorship of TES passed to Jake Collins in July 2001, so did the writing of Classic Quest.

As well as details of obstacles and characters encountered by a team, all Classic Quest articles include the full name of the dungeoneer (where given), the forenames of the advisors, the series number, the object of the team's quest, and a subjective score out of 10. Early articles also include advisors' surnames (spelling was sometimes conjectural) and a room count.

By July 2011, when TES' 70th and final issue was published, every Knightmare quest had been reviewed within its pages, proving that all KM is classic KM. All Classic Quest articles can be found duplicated in the Lexicon's Teams section.

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