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1. Chase The Lady
 [Related Image] A game mentioned twice by Folly the jester. The most literal version involved chasing Gretel through the dungeon. She didn't want to play, calling it "a stupid game", but Folly was persistent and invited Team 1 of Series 2 to join in. Following Gretel allowed them to identify the safest exit from the 4-door starting chamber.
 [Related Image] Team 4 of Series 2 met Folly in the 'Pick A Card' room, where each exit was blocked by a different face card. He named the game as Chase The Lady, which the team understood as a hint to select the Queen of Hearts.

The traditional card game Chase The Lady is better known as Hearts, familiar to millions as one of the free games included with Microsoft Windows. The lady of the title is the Queen of Spades.

Other card games mentioned in Knightmare include Black Jack (a variant of Crazy Eights, on which Play Your Cards Right was based) and Snap.

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