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1. Bouldamis
 [Related Image] Knightmare RPG Season 2 character. Bouldamis was portrayed by Adam Battersby and drawn by Lucy a.k.a. Sidriss Starshine of Tiger Fish Studios. Team 8 and the Watchers got to see Bouldamis via spyglass during Session 12, when he and an identical member of his race had an audience with their master, the Unholy King, who checked that they had been "feeding our major task force properly".

Lucy's website would later confirm Bouldamis' role in the Opposition as 'the unnofficial keeper of the Zombies, he feeds them any of the inhabitants of the dungeon that annoy his master! He is the only person who can feed them as he is, obviously, inedible!!' This remark, combined with Bouldamis' name and appearance, strongly suggests that he is from a race of rock creatures.

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