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1. Bimboid
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Using a skeletron, semi-conductors and magic, the technosorcerer Lord Fear created the Bimboid. Resembling Sidriss (hence the name: bimbo plus -oid), the Bimboid was essentially a simple automaton that obeyed commands such as stand, sit, smile and "go get me tea". However, Lord Fear had created it for a single purpose: to kill Hordriss.
 [Related Image] Team 3 of Series 8 learned of the Bimboid via a spyglass on Level 2. Dungeoneer Nathan warned Hordriss about it, but upon encountering the Bimboid in the Level 2 trapdoor room, Hordriss was still fooled initially.
 [Related Image] Acknowledging Nathan's renewed warning, Hordriss used "true seeing" magic to reveal the Bimboid's actual skeletron form. Disgusted at this revelation, the mage magically disintegrated the skeletron, saving himself from an ignoble demise. Indebted to Nathan, Hordriss aided his descent through the trapdoor.

The Bimboid was almost certainly played by Iona Kennedy. It can be seen in the following clips on the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel: spyglass scene; encountered in the bones.

SEE: disguise

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