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1. Banshee
The Banshee is an Opposition character appearing in the RPG, created by Adam Battersby, and played by Pooka under a black cloak.

It is a black shroud, appearing as a silent character in RPG Season 4. The Winds use it as a servant and consider it expendable. It is mindless and ghostly, and has no personality, so it is easily used and abused.

At one point, the Banshee was killed by Gregale. Technical difficulties halted filming after this scene; Pooka remained inert on the floor and fell asleep. This halted filming further, as Adam went to find Pooka and failed to do so, not realising he was still on the floor.

The Banshee was resurrected by Foehn in the following scene. It remained in active service for the rest of the Season until vanishing, along with the rest of the Winds, at the end.

Pooka found playing the Banshee to be a challenge as he could not see from underneath the cloak. He used audio cues to calculate where the other characters were and reacted accordingly.

In traditional Celtic mythology, a Banshee (literally: "screaming sprite") was a malevolent, ghostly apparition of a tall, thin woman who let out a long, piercing scream, which was believed to be a foretelling - or even cause - of a hideous death. As this is completely different from the portrayal of a banshee in the RPG, it may be a wise idea to consider "Banshee" as the given name of the RPG character, which may be a different creature altogether.

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