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1. Atlantean
 [Related Image] A member of Lissard's amphibious race. Originally from Atlantis. If Lissard is anything to go by, then his people are keen ichthyophagists, evidenced by the smell of fish frequently lingering on the breath.
 [Related Image] Atlanteans (i.e. Lissard) in Knightmare VR were shown with forked tongues, and more detailed cranial features than in Series 7-8 of Knightmare.

According to The Quest, Miremen are Atlantean too. Those in the service of Lord Fear were apparently acquired by Lissard via teleportation across space and time.

The characters of Zeytan and Leytan on the Surrounds roleplay forum are Atlantean and half-Atlantean respectively.

Trade In The Old For The New, a fanfic written by Richard Temple (Skarkill) and published in The Eye Shield Issues 36 and following, features an unnamed 'Atlantian' thug: 'He stood just short of seven foot tall, and had dirty blond hair, a thick jaw, a nose that looked like it had been broken a few times, and a gaudy scar over his left eye. His eyes were a deep green, like the eyes of all Atlantians.' During a meeting at the Dirty Duck, The Atlantian agrees to kill Julius Scaramonger and Honesty Bartram in return for a reward from Maldame. He causes a rockslide that he believes has fatally crushed the traders, but after he has left the scene, Scaramonger and Bartram are resurrected, albeit due to some misjudged spellcasting by Sidriss, in the merged form of Edward Deal.

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