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1. Astro Farm
The animated series Astro Farm was shown on CITV from 1992 onwards, meaning that it was around during the same period as the last three series of Knightmare. Astro Farm was set on a farm which occupied various asteroids and moons. Characters included the Foxwood family, Splodger and Biff, and Daisy.

In Issue 12 of The Eye Shield was an article called 'The Best Of The Rest', in which Jake Collins gave details of various television programmes he has enjoyed. Among them was Astro Farm, credited by Jake as a 'clever and original animation'. Here are some more musings on Astro Farm, as shared by Knightmare Discussion Forum users in April 2003:

'I got real excited when watching it as I knew what was comin on after it!' - MPK

'I used to get all excited when the astro farm theme tune started knowing it wasn't long to go. "Astro Farm, Astro Farm - its a very friendly place!" (or something along those lines)' - beamrider2600

'I remember Astro Farm, I always watched Astro Farm, then looked forward to seeing Knightmare afterwards. It was an intense and exciting moment for me.' - Scott_Wilkinson

'For some reason Astro Farm, Victor and hugo and then Knightmare is the line up i remember (i think zzaap! was in there somewhere too) All great shows but BORING when Knightmare was to come after them.' - Steve

The following comments about Astro Farm were made on the network54 Knightmare Discussion Forum in 2002:

'i even remember waiting for the god awful Astro Farm to finish before [Knightmare] came on.' - Rob Staton

'I recorded all the episodes of that along with Knightmare, either to make sure I didn't forget to record Knightmare, or maybe deep down I liked it!' - Tom Murphy

Astro Farm was mentioned by Matt in the CITV scenes filmed for Knightmare RPG Season 6 in 2004, with the emphasis firmly on the final syllable.

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2. Astro Farm
KMRPG in-joke involving Matt Richings and a camera.

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