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1. All I Want Is Knightmare To View
A filk written by Darren, Billy Hicks and Mashibinbin in 2005, and based upon the lyrics of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', a hit for Mariah Carey in the 1990s. Recorded by Sing Back Knightmare in 2007, it was released on Christmas Eve of that year.

Knightmare Discussion Forum members who contributed vocally to the recording are: Drassil (David), Pooka (who produced it), Kieran, #37 Herbie (Gary), (Madmog)Sue and two of the lyricists, Darren and Billy.
 [Related Image] The song also includes audio clips from Knightmare itself. It begins with part of Series 4's unpopular Christmas scene (featuring John Woodnutt as Merlin). This offers continuity with Wall Aid 11's song, which ended with a clip of the same moment. All I Want Is Knightmare To View also contains the spelling-out of "Knightmare", taken from actual spellcasting and dispelling heard on the programme. This breaks down as follows:

"K" - from JOKE;
"N, I" - from UNITE;
"G, H, T" - from FLIGHT;
"M, A" -from UMASARI,the 1st dispelling of SAMURAI;
"R, E" - from the second spellcasting of FIRE.

Pooka gave a live solo rendition of All I Want Is Knightmare To View as part of his Pookie K's Amusing Acoustic Atrocities concert in April 2010.

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