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1. Alan Boyd
Alan Boyd

Knightmare winner: advisor and captain of Team 6 of Series 8. Alan has been a member of the forum's current incarnation since 2003 under the username Mystara. He was one of's first external visitors, taking over from Nicholas Lam (Illusion) as its webmaster in 2009.

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Alan has used several of his forum posts to successfully defend his team's controversial use of a "short cut" to bypass Level 2.

A leading contributor to the Knightmare fan community, Alan's projects have included: and the Bring Back Knightmare campaign (2002-2007)
Knightmare Convention in 2014
Interviews: Paul Valentine (Motley, Boatman, Sylvester Hands, Fidjit); cast and contestants from the 2013 YouTube Geek Week episode of Knightmare
Knightmare Chat (see: Skeletron)
Dungeoneer in Knightmare Live (2013, 2016)
Notmare (2017)

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