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1. Aesandra
Alongside 'Hordris' and 'Lilith', Aesandra is one of the alternative (or more likely, mistaken) spellings used by Dave Morris in the Knightmare books.

In The Quest For The Dragon's Egg, if the player meets Hordriss, he asks them for help in banishing a demon. The player need only name the demon's master or mistress aloud to make this occur, but the demon has given no clue except for the utterance "res dana", which Hordriss identifies as distorted Latin.

Nevertheless, the player is given three options: the Gatemaster, Lord Fear and Aesandra of Winteria. Aesandra is the correct answer, and the demon's words were an anagrammatic clue. (Hordriss never was that good at Latin.)

What is really bizarre, though, is that in the story section of the same book (The Forbidden Gate), Dave Morris uses the conventional spelling of 'Aesandre'. The reasons behind the inconsistency are unknown.

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