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Julie of Season 7 Team 6 was assigned a task by Grimaldine to retrieve the pieces of the 'Arken' shield during her travels through Level 3. The shield was split into 3 seperate pieces in 3 different rooms.
 [Related Image] The first was in the dripping water room which they needed to spell cast GROWME to retrieve. This made Julie large enough to reach the piece.

The second piece was obtained at the end of play your cards right next to the portal at the end of the challenge.

The third piece was found on the floor in a chamber in which the team encountered the Brollachan.

Upon completion the image upon the shield was revealed to be a 3 legged triskelion.
 [Related Image] After this Julie proceeded into the next chamber that contained the sword which was the item of their quest. Upon acquiring it Lord Fear made an appearance in the room. In order to defeat him they could make use of the spell ARKEN which caused the shield to go spinning towards him and engulf him thus ensuring the teams victory. The effect itself was rather poor in appearance.

Despite sounding good the word "Arken" has no actual meaning in the current English language, it could however be derived from the word "Ark" which does hold the meaning of "shelter" or "refuge". Another explanation offered can be found at this Tolkien forum in which it is described to mean "special, out of the ordinary" and would be in keeping with the context. It may hold more relevant meaning in other languages current or deprecated.

[Addendum by David, 2012:

Paul Boland was able to witness the preparation and filming of the ARKEN scene during a visit to the Anglia TV studios, and described it for

'As the scene was being set up, Lord Fear practised his lines and as he did, the Arken shield rolled down and covered him. Mark Knight's attitude totally changed and we got to see a side of him that we don't get to see from watching the show. With the Arken shield back up at it's position over the door, Mark started calling it as if it was a dog. "Come here Arken, here Arken…" he would say. Then when the Arken shield rolled over him again, he suddenly said, "Who put that bottle cap over me!?! Get this bottle cap off me!" We were all in the stitches of laughter in our seats.

Eventually it was time for the team [Team 6 of Series 7] to come in. They took their places and the Dungeoneer was guided (because she was wearing the helmet), to the blue room. And then it started. The Dungeoneer entered the room and there was the sword. Suddenly Lord Fear appeared. The team needed to use the Arken shield to hold him so they could escape with the sword. When you see this episode on television, the team quickly Spell-Cast the Arken shield, but it was not like this in the studios. They tried calling out "Arken" and other stuff as Lord Fear raised his hands to blast them. Were they going to get killed at the climax of their quest? Treguard told them that it was a spell and suddenly they knew what to do and they cast the Arken shield spell. It covered Lord Fear and they grabbed the sword and left the room.'

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