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1. #Knightmare
 [Related Image] #Knightmare is the official name of the chat room (technically: "channel") in which the weekly Knightmare Chat sessions are held.

Most channels run under IRC (Internet Relay Chat) start with a hash, often followed by a topic - for example, #pokemon would be assumed to be a Pokémon-based channel. Some channels contain a description after the name - a channel named #elfboys, which was run on the same IRC server as #Knightmare, also contained the description "Boys' chat room".

Accordingly, Knightmare Chat has always been named #Knightmare, after the website to which it is connected and the topic of discussion - Knightmare - although, like nearly every IRC channel in the world, discussion takes place on all sorts of topics, occasionally straying back onto KM territory.

#Knightmare's permanent residents have included Caei, Cypher and Q. Its current continuous resident - and channel operator by default - is the bot Skeletron.

Provided By: Pooka, 2016-06-26 19:54:14
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2. #Knightmare
The Twitter hashtag recommended by Challenge in 2013 for tweets about Knightmare, particularly live tweeting by watchers of Knightmare on the TV channel. Use of the #Knightmare hashtag has been strong enough to make it a Twitter trend on more than one occasion.

Provided By: David, 2013-05-26 13:20:06
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