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1. Saié
Saié (pronounced SIGH-ee, sometimes written Saie) was a female character from Season 6 of the Knightmare RPG. Although an elf of the woodland, her unconcealed lack of the traditional pointed ears is one of the various mysteries about her. Though grouped with the season's other neutral characters, Saié seemed hostile by nature and had a particular thirst for the blood of Powers That Be elf Kully.

Saié was played by Anna, who also played Ruke and later Aranel. The blade carried by Saié was an authentic Highland dirk provided by fellow RPG Season 6 group member Andy a.k.a. Snowcat.

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2. Saié
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Saié made her first (and most probably her last) appearance in RPG Season 6.
She was played by Anna and created by both Anna and Kieran.

Saié is a rather difficult character to get along with, as she is a rather extreme Neutral.
You never know when her smile means that she wants to hug you or lop your head off!

Very well spoken and difficult to comprehend, Saié is never one to take for granted.
She constantly has her dagger by her side to threaten any who she deems to be unsavoury.

Provided By: Anna, 2004-11-05 19:23:19
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