KM Radio Amateur Drama

An audio story based on characters and situations created by Tim Child.


The Story

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Links between the Twentieth Century and the era of the Dungeon have been dormant for several years, but the civil war between 'The Powers-That-Be' and 'The Opposition' continues. Caught between the two forces in the conflict are the Grey Sisterhood, now resident in the new colony of Ambrohame.

Desperate to renew her people's dwindling powers, the Witch Queen Greystagg sends an emissary, Heggatty, to seek out new sources of witch amber. During her mission, Heggatty is attacked by the Opposition, and needs Treguard and Stiletta to come to her aid.

Caught in a situation where combat is impossible, Treguard and his mortal enemy, Lord Fear, must each battle with words to induce terror in the other to decide the fate of the Grey Sisters... with the balance of the entire war resting on the outcome.

Using themes and characters devised by award-winning TV Producer Tim Child, Famous For Retreating is a close study of some of the prominent personalities from the series he created, attempting to flesh out their histories and to offer a new perspective on their motivations.