KM Radio Amateur Drama

An audio story based on characters and situations created by Tim Child.

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(Forum username 'MADMOGSUE'.)

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  1. I say, young dungeoneer, what's your name then? No, including your middle name!

    'Susan Mary Elizabeth McPherson. I had indecisive parents...'

  2. And how old are you?

    '*Looks about and whispers* 24!'

  3. Where do you live, and on a scale of horribleness, would you class it as part of level 1, part of level 2, or part of level 3?

    'I live in a pokey little village near Stirling called Cambus. No, no-one has ever heard of it. I drove past it for years without knowing of its existence. On a scale of horribleness? I'd have to say it's a cushtie level 1.'

  4. What was your role in the play, and how did you come to be involved in it?

    'Well, originally I was supposed to be playing another character, erm, I think it may have been Stiletta, but due to unforseen circumstances, there was a major change of roles and I became Majida and Heggatty. Although I couldn't quite get Heggatty's accent right so she sounds a bit overly Weegie.

    'I originally became involved in the Knightmare fan community a couple of years back, by getting my arm twisted by Andy, and had a lot of fun causing chaos in, although Illusion was quick to shove my insanity to the Roleplay forums. Through Andy, I befriended many and also got to know Martin, who thought I may just have been insane enough to take part in his little audio play... Wow, scary to think how long ago it all was.'

  5. What was your favourite moment in the story?

    'Favourite part in the story still is and always will be Skarkill's fall down the hole. I still remember being at the studio and the guys throwing together some special effects with that scene, and how hard we all laughed listening back to it. Even now it makes me laugh. Heh.'

  6. What was your favourite moment in recording the play?

    'Ooh, there are too many to choose from, but I would have to say Eleanor's really funny "Greyskull" fluff. It was the way she said it; she said it with such seriousness, and then realised what she had just said. Hehehe, damn, that will always make me smile.'

  7. What is your first memory of The Greater Game?


  8. Never mind. Who is your favourite character from the original series?

    'Mmm, that's a tough one. Erm, 'spose I could be boring and say Treguard, it was always that strange look in his face whenever he looked at the camera after something sinister had just happened.'

  9. Other than the one you played in FFR, if there was one character from the TV series you'd like to play, who would it be?

    'Um... Smirkenorff.'

  10. What was your favourite room in the original series?

    '*Scratches head a bit.* Bomb room. It always used to scare the pants off me.'