KM Radio Amateur Drama

An audio story based on characters and situations created by Tim Child.

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(Forum username 'HSTORM'.)

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  1. I say, young dungeoneer, what's your name then? No, including your middle name!

    'Martin Philip Odoni. As I have a full bottom lip, it was a middle name that led me to much mockery at school e.g. Martin "Filled-Lip". I'm not bitter... *Sulk, sulk*.'

  2. And how old are you?

    '375 months; it sounds younger that way. Er, I think. I hope.'

  3. Where do you live, and on a scale of horribleness, would you class it as part of level 1, part of level 2, or part of level 3?

    'I live in Salford, which is dark, damp and violent, yet oddly compelling. Definitely level 3.'

  4. What was your role in the play, and how did you come to be involved in it?

    'Well, the whole project was my idea. As for my role in it, I was chief writer, I did the post-production editing on the MP3 release, and I was also in the studio playing Lord Fear and Honesty Bartram. After all that, it's no wonder I'm so desperate to feel younger (see 2)...'

  5. What was your favourite moment in the story?

    'Probably Greystagg's gag about a red dragon being blasted by a lightning rod.'

  6. What was your favourite moment in recording the play?

    'As so often seems the case with these things, it's probably the bloopers. Eleanor addressing the Witch Queen as "Greyskull", followed by the rest of us humming the He-Man theme tune, has quietly achieved legendary status amongst the team. Also, Ruzl had flu while recording, and it generally added a strong, gruff quality to Treguard throughout the play. However, on one occasion, his nose became so blocked up that he had to stop a scene before it started, proclaiming completely out of nowhere, "Sorry, I've got a bogey right here..." It's just the total matter-of-fact way he said it, it still makes me giggle even now.'

  7. What is your first memory of The Greater Game?

    'I saw it from day one in 1987. I remember feeling completely dazzled by the first few scenes, then shocked to see a non-ironic portrayal of grizzly death in a gameshow, and a kids' gameshow what's more. I was hooked from there, although I admit that part of me was skeptical; the opening scene in the dungeon antechamber was so obviously scripted that, to a starry-eyed 12-year-old - er, I mean 147-month-old - it was hard to tell which parts of later scenes were scripted and which were spontaneous. Took me a long while to get round that.'

  8. Who is your favourite character from the original series?

    'If Treguard had retained the same personality all the way through it would probably have been him, but in the mid-to-later years I found he got awfully soft (except when bickering with Majida). Cedric and Elita were both terrific just for the lines they had. But it has to be Lord Fear, partly for the same reason, but also because the whole concept of 'technosorcery' was so original, and so satirical.'

  9. Other than the one you played in FFR, if there was one character from the TV series you'd like to play, who would it be?

    'I'd probably enjoy playing Lissard, Cedric or Gumboil. Or failing them, Lillith, but only if I'm allowed to dress up for it.'

  10. What was your favourite room in the original series?

    'The Corridor of Blades has to be high on the list of course. But in terms of sheer grimy, other-worldly beauty, the most brilliant designs were in the early seasons, like the Mills of Doom, the Stained Glass Window Room, the Guillotine-Exit and the Medusa's Chamber. Favourite of all was probably the Mine-Cart Ride.'