KM Radio Amateur Drama

An audio story based on characters and situations created by Tim Child.


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If you're new to Knightmare and would like to know more about it, here are some links with information about the series.

The Knightmare Infosite Run by 'Illusion', this is the central website for the online KM community, with full series guides, sounds and clips. Excellent introduction to the history of the series for newcomers.

Interactive Knightmare
Online resources, media and games, run by Forester.

Other Side Of The Greater Game
My own KM website, with articles mainly parodying the series. If you're looking for detailed info about the series, look out for the FANSFAQ (Frequently-And-Not-So-Frequently-Asked-Questions) in the Essays section.

Knightmare Forum
Central discussion BBS for online Knightmare fans.

Homepage of Televirtual, the company run by the creator of Knightmare, and which owns the format for the series.

SAE Institute - Glasgow
The Website for the studio where the Audio Play was recorded.

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