KM Radio Amateur Drama

An audio story based on characters and situations created by Tim Child.

Alec's Profile

(Forum username 'MODESKI'.)

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  1. I say, young dungeoneer, what's your name then? No, including your middle name!

    'Alec Downs - no middle name.'

  2. And how old are you?

    '25, sir.'

  3. Where do you live, and on a scale of horribleness, would you class it as part of level 1, part of level 2, or part of level 3?

    'Australia. I would say it remains somewhere in the lower depths of level 2.'

  4. What was your role in the play, and how did you come to be involved in it?

    'I played Merlin and Skarkill. I came to be involved in the play through being old friends with Martin and Russell, and through spending many wondrous nights playing games of various sorts with Lord Fear.'

  5. What was your favourite moment in the story?

    'Scene III, in the market.'

  6. What was your favourite moment in recording the play?

    'Trying to perfect Merlin's agonised scream.'

  7. What is your first memory of The Greater Game?

    'The overwhelming sense of "YES!" when the opening theme tune played.'

  8. Who is your favourite character from the original series?


  9. Other than the one you played in FFR, if there was one character from the TV series you'd like to play, who would it be?

    'Lord Fear, naturally. Such an evil bar steward.'

  10. What was your favourite room in the original series?

    'Merlin's chamber (Hall of folly). I've always been fascinated by the myth, and David Rowe's renditions always hinted at a sort of regal mystery, with the wooden panelling and the darkened doorways leading off.'