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1. The Soul Search
The Soul Search was the first Knightmare fanfiction written by Crystal6162 and was published on the Knightmare Fanfiction Archive on the 30th July 2011. This story features a new character called 'Crystal' and Crystal6162 wrote a fanfic based on that character called Crystal the Cat Demon

The story starts with Treguard summoning a dungeoneer called Amy, who in turn summons her three advisors: Faye, Josie and Danielle. But only minutes into the quest, Lord Fear appears and steals Amy's body, leaving her soul to wander the dungeons. Treguard, his assistants, the advisors and Hordriss and Sidriss must quest through the dungeons themselves to rescue Amy and find out Lord Fear's plan...

The Soul Search can be read here.


Treguard- Everyone knows Treguard.

Pickle- Treguard's cowardly elf assistant.

Kully- Pickle's sister and another one of Treguard's assistants.

Majida- A genie who is also one of Treguard's assistants.

Crystal- A new character who is one of Treguard's assistants. It is not revealed what she is in the story but Lord Fear does call her 'kitten whiskers' at one point.

Hordriss- A third level mage who helps Treguard.

Sidriss- Hordriss' daughter who also helps the Dungeon Master.

Amy- The dungeoneer of the quest. Lord Fear stole her body so her soul is roaming around the dungeons for most of the story.

Faye- One of Amy's advisors. She's the quick thinker of the group.

Josie- One of Amy's advisors. She's the bravest and most cunning of the group.

Danielle- One of Amy's advisors. Her suggestions are very helpful.

Raptor- Lord Fear's assistant. He was sent to stop Treguard, but Josie soon scared him off.

Lord Fear- The leader of the Opposition. His powers have grown since the last phase of the dungeon, so he uses them to extract Amy's soul and steal her body. His true intentions are soon found out in a surprising way.

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