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1. Thrifty Squirrels
The Knightmare Forum is usually quite a trouble-free place, especially compared to most forums. However, some very...interesting members do arrive occasionally, one of which being the one known only as Thrifty Squirrels.

Believed to be a member of the female species, she exploded onto the forum in January 2003, creating such threads as "Hark! is that a bussoon i hear!". Characterised by her constant speakings in lower case, and her love of Mini Milks, ferrets, Chucklevision and the word 'Falsehood', Miss Squirrels was surreal beyond belief. Her posts literally made no sense whatsoever, even after re-reading them several times. Just when you thought one of her posts was finally going to be about Knightmare, it would turn out to be about something like EastEnders, or The Crystal Maze (spotted on the Ftn forum on 23/01/03, her only known sighting other than the Knightmare Forum). With a 'friend', she also made an appearance in #knightmare chat around this time, continuing the insanity.

By the end of the month, many of the members had grown tired of her constant invading of threads, sprouting the usual bizarre anecdotes (known as "squirrel banter" by the members). On the 1st February 2003, Illusion deleted Thrifty Squirrels' account, and much rejoicing ensued. Since then, there's been no further activity from this very strange user. She tried to re-sign up shortly after being deleted, but was spotted.

In subsequent years she has begun to be seen in a better light, as this thread shows. Her postings, so hated by members originally, are seen by a few as delightfully insane pieces of surrealism. Who knows, maybe one day she'll return, and we'll finally find out who she is?

(Originally posted on 2006-01-25 07:40:22)

Provided By: Billy, 2006-04-09 00:37:38
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