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1. elephant
In the world of Knightmare, the mention of this huge land mammal could lead to starvation, salvation or perhaps salivation, depending on who was involved.

Elephants have traditionally been regarded as supremely wise creatures, as commonly expressed in the adage that an elephant never forgets. It was in reference to this that Merlin asked Team 12 of Series 2, "What does an elephant forget?" Confused by this trick question, they answered "memory" whereas Merlin was looking for the answer "nothing". With no further questions offered by Merlin for the team to redeem themselves with, they were apparently plunged into losing status from this point on and died in the Level 2 wellway room.

Team 3 of Series 6 were given the password "erephant" by Ah Wok. They were able to work out that this was an idiosyncratic mispronunciation of elephant, and thus were able to give Dreadnort the correct password.

In Fortress of Assassins, it is revealed that Treguard once saw an elephant in the flesh: it had escaped from a zoo in Constantinople. Later, Elshander told Treguard and Dugald how his failed attempt to steal one of Hannibal's elephants (to eat) led to Hannibal imprisoning the dwarf in ice. Elshander hoped that joining the two knights on their quest to Asia would lead him to elephant meat, which he craved.

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