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1. Starclimb
Potions. The final frontier. This is an entry on the potion Starclimb. Its mission: to explore a popular old series. To seek out old facts and new speculation. To boldly go where many entries have gone before - into the Lexicon.

Starclimb was a red potion encountered in Level 3 by Team 3 of Series 7. Dungeoneer Alex mispronounced the label as 'Starc limb'. Although the team picked up Starclimb (along with Dragonsbreath), their quest did not continue long enough for the potion to be utilised.

Starclimb suggests upward motion, so it's possible that the potion would have done for Alex what the RETURN spell did for Julie, three quests later.

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Provided By: David, 2007-01-24 18:14:28
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