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1. Golgarach
 [Related Image] A wall monster, apparently masculine, who appeared in Knightmare Series 3. Golgarach would appear in one of the Level 1 clue rooms after a dungeoneer had taken food from the table, and ask three questions/riddles. The number of truths Golgarach received dictated how much information he divulged about the quest, clue objects, steps needed for Merlin's chamber, et al. In total, Golgarach sought 18 truths, and was given 13.

Golgarach appeared in all the odd-numbered quests of Series 3, alternating with Brangwen. He was played by David Verrey, who also played McGrew.

The face of Golgarach was also used as a wall monster in El Rescate del Talismán, Spain's version of Knightmare. The dungeoneer would summon him by sitting on a stool facing the initially blank wall.

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2. Golgarach
The username of a member of the Discussion Forum who joined in May 2003 and posted thereafter. Golgarach, real name Glenn, has made posts on such topics as David Verrey, Block and Tackle, Ariadne and the tenth anniversary of Knightmare's final episode showing on CITV.

Presumably the forum member Galgarach also based his username on Golgarach from Series 3. Within two days of registering on 14/08/03 he had made 10 consecutive posts in a single topic (on Knightmare VR), which is possibly a record, not to mention over 50 posts in other topics. At one point, Galgarach revealed himself to be one of the many fans who were inspired to recreate Knightmare themselves, sharing details across a number of posts:

'Me and my friends filmed a series of knightmare called 'Bad Dream' It involved, in turns, one of us to navigate the hostile back garden. A bucket and backpack were used as the knapsack and helmet. We then edited monsters and things using the paint program on his computer, it looked funny. I was the only one that won, after finding the 'sniff spell' and casting it on an imp (played by his 2 year old borhter) causing it to stumble backwards into a padling pool full of dirty water (which was later edited to look like bubbling acid) I then proceded onto finding the oriental rug. Templates for pits were blankets that were lated edited to look like black rectangles, and a swing ball tennis thing was the template for monsters to be edited on top of. It worked quite well, exept monsters were 2D and didnt move.

The shed monster was a laugh though, also the giants hand which was actually my hand close to the camcorder to meddle with the perspective

Life force was represented by water being poured out of a homer simpson mug, which was later edited to look like a goblet

... from time to time you can see the view from the bedroom window, this looks out over the whole 'blue room' The kiddies push toy thing is the mine cart into level 3'

Galgarach was occasionally rather impolite. When a topic on the Knightmare Boarding School was started, he posted to ask, 'What on Earth is knightmare boarding school? I very much doubt it is an actual situation of educational progression', adding a minute later, 'p.s i cant be bothered to check the website...' He also tried to start a 'forum knewspaper' titled 'The Wall Guardian', and when another user posted in the topic to answer a question he'd asked her there, Galgarach responded with: 'Look this is supposed to be a newspaper, if your not going to come up with an article DONT SUBMIT! >:('

Galgarach frequently discussed Team 11 of Series 3, his favourite team. He hasn't made a Forum post since his 113th, made exactly two months after his first. However, Raven, who joined said forum in 2004, is thought to be the same person as Galgarach, due to matching birthdays and similarities in posting.

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