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 [Related Image] The first spell to be cast in Series 6. Team 1 of Series 6 gained ESCAPE indirectly via a clue scroll - 'To unfreeze, cry the reverse of Epasce' - and had almost immediate use for it, casting it to enable dungeoneer Matt to break free of a magical paralysis imposed by Lord Fear when he caught the team using a spyglass in Holmgarth.

Later in their quest, the team made use of a spell called SAMURAI.

ESCAPE is one of several spells which happen to be names of British hit singles. Other examples are FREE, TWIST, CHANGE, FIRE, DANCE and HEROES. Oh, and RUN, HOME, SLEEP and SUN.

ESCAPE is also a fatal red herring in the Can You Beat The Challenge? gamebook section. At one point, the player may get stuck in a room with no means of exit, unless they have an ESCAPE spell. However, if the player affirms this, then they are exposed as a cheat, since no such spell could possibly have been given to them. This 'bad decision' ends the player's adventure.

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