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1. Despair
 [Related Image] A gargoyle encountered in the KMVR pilot. Despair's face rose from the cavern wall as dungeoneer Arthur approached, launching into doleful ramblings: "Grief and misery ... There really is no point in carrying on ... Time to weep, and time to sleep..." Treguard warned that Despair was draining Life Force, noting that if this continued, Arthur would be immobilised in ice (as Ellie was).
 [Related Image] The team happened to possess a spell called PICKMEUP, and when Arthur cast it on Despair, the gargoyle began to feel "strangely elated", and retreated into the wall. Arthur was able to proceed, and Ellie was freed from the ice.

Despair seemed to be an updated form of Knightmare's mournful gargoyle, Mug, first seen in Series 1.

 [Related Image]

Despair was played by Nick Collett, who also played the KMVR incarnation of Lissard and later Sylvester the Jester in the 2013 Geek Week episode of Knightmare.

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