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1. Bullseye
Darts-based game show that, like Knightmare, was shown on ITV in the 1980s and 1990s and given a new lease of life on Challenge in the 2000s. Specifically, it ran from 1981-1995, was later repeated by Challenge (at one point, straight after Knightmare), and a new series was transmitted on Challenge in 2006, with new specials shown on ITV in 2005 and 2007. The best known of Bullseye's presenters is its original, Jim Bowen.

In 2003, Forum users Drassil and Grimaldine Grimwold posted sketch ideas that crossed over KM and Bullseye. These can be read here. In 2009, KM fans Dan the Spellcaster (a.k.a. Dan the Countdowner) and Natter45 composed a full-length script of an episode of Bullseye presented by themselves, co-presented by Hordriss and featuring Treguard, Sidriss, Lord Fear, Sylvester Hands, Pickle and Majida as contestants. Simply titled Bullseye Script, it can be read here. (As a point of obscure trivia, this means that Knightmare is possibly the one of only two TV programmes to have characters who have won a fictionalised episode of Bullseye - the other being Brookside, in which Eddie and Rosie Banks were proud former contestants.)

Bullseye has the good fortune to share its name with one of John Woodnutt's films.

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