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1. #knightmare Knews
A show most often read on the logs, but sometimes people turn up and join in.

Broadcast schedule: Episode broadcasts are irregular and occur when Kat_Nap turns up. One update on Friday around 6:30 and two on Saturdays and Sundays at lunchtime usually followed by a log game and when Kat_Nap turns up on an evening.

Presenters: Weird news stories:Kat_Nap (aka Nat_Kap aka Natasha_Kaplinsky aka Bex)
#knightmare knews:Billy Hicks (giving Billy Turnbull a run for his money)
Gosssip bot:Caei

History: This was the beginning of a mad idea by Bex, who under the alias of Natasha_Kaplinsky made a knews update with strange stories and interviews with Caei, who was the only chatter around at the time. This was repeated in the evening with guest star Billy Hicks who became a regular presenter and got on so well with Caei they shared a segment (they also shared a lot more, as Bex soon found out)
Caei is the gossip bot who knows all and only shares her wisdom because of the free coffee.
This went down well in the chat and is a practice still running to date.

Guests: Darren (guest weatherman), Pooka (thought of the day/interviewed as he entered the chat and reported on "Chocolate orange fell apart like it should"), Jas107 (interviewed as a knewbie), Fury (refused to be interviewed and threatened to sue if interviewed again)

Memorable moments: Pooka's amazing modern miracle story about a Terry's chocolate orange falling apart when he tapped it, Fury's refusal to be interviewed, Caei's revelations that she had cheated on Kat_Nap.
Darren and Lain invading the studio and chatting with Kat_Nap for a special live show. Lain became a regular guest.
Then, on Saturday the 31st December 2005, Cheerleader_Bex and Kyoko (aka Lain) trashed and set the studio alight. And has not yet been rebuilt.

Awards: Not one. Not even an NTA Award.

Provided By: Becxsmagic, 2006-01-10 20:07:55
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