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1. aniseed
The aromatic seed of the anise plant, sometimes made into edible balls. Aniseed featured in two quests.
 [Related Image] A bag of aniseed was a clue object in Oakley's glen when Team 2 of Series 4 visited it. Oakley advised that "aniseed will take them off your trail" and dungeoneer Alistair duly took it.

Fatilla, upon encountering Alistair, tasted some of the aniseed. However, he considered it an unsuitable bribe because it didn't taste as nice as sheep's poo, so he allowed Alistair to keep it.

As Alistair approached the Castle of Doom, goblins caught his scent. The aniseed was used successfully to throw them off it.

Part of the scroll found by Team 5 of Series 5 on Level 1 read: 'Buy aniseed'. They later learned from Brother Mace that aniseed would be necessary to pay for a ride on Smirkenorff to Level 2, because dragons like small amounts of aniseed.

The team subsequently purchased aniseed from Julius Scaramonger. It came in a white jar but appeared on the status banner as a bag of aniseed balls, harking back to Alistair's Series 4 quest. The team died before reaching Smirkenorff with the jar, so it went unused.

Aniseed was an answer in one of the crosswords in Knightmare puzzle book Lord Fear’s Domain.

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