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1. Zoe Loftin
Likeable actress who appeared in Series 3 and 4 of Knightmare.
 [Related Image] In Series 3, Zoe played Mellisandre and the Oracle. In Series 4, she played Mellisandre, Dooris and Dooreen.

Zoe Loftin had previously appeared in The Witches And The Grinnygog (1983) as Essie Firkettle, Theatre Box: You Must Believe All This (1981) as Nettie and Sharing Time: Together Forever (1984) as Siobhan. She also appeared in Science Challenge (1990-1991) as Sue.
Thirteen years on from Melly, Zoe looked like this:
 [Related Image]

[Lower photograph courtesy of Debz Glover. Thank you to Canadanne for information contributed to this entry.

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