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1. The Valley Of Dreaming
1999 Knightmare fanfic by Andrew Buckley, published on both and NKTP. In some places its title is The Valley Of Dreams.

Five years after Series 8, Treguard and Majida are still waiting for the dungeon to finish re-forming so that the Greater Game can begin again. When they receive news that an old enemy is up to no good, Treguard must journey into the dungeon's past to find the magical aid that he needs.

The story can be read here on

Andrew contributed half a dozen more fanfics to NKTP in 2000: The Truth Of The Dungeon (in which the events of The Valley Of Dreaming are briefly mentioned) and its sequel A Colourful Encounter For Mogdread, The Clearing and its sequel In The Afterlife, Nobody Can Hear You Scream, Can This Really Be The End, and The Void Of Creativity (in which earlier stories by Andrew and Sidriss Starshine are revisited).

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