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 [Related Image] This spell was given to Team 13 of Series 2 by Mildread. It was used against the Automatum, causing it to seize up and collapse, thereby allowing dungeoneer Karen to access the Level 1 wellway. Incidentally, that was the Automatum's final appearance on Knightmare. The next and final spell to be cast by the team was FLIGHT.
Julius Scaramonger sold Team 4 of Series 6 a spell that, he claimed, would rust opponents' swords. The spell was on a tied scroll, and it was not investigated, let alone used, before the quest ended.

The Fortress of Assassins gamebook features a RUST spell, available from Treguard before the quest begins. There are several opportunities to use it, though one of them, on a metal walkway, fatally endangers the player.

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A Potion of Rust is featured in The Sorcerer's Isle's gamebook. If the player chooses Mildread (over Lilith and Alison Gross) as winner of the Ugliness Contest, she is flattered and awards the potion in return. That she gave out a RUST spell on her final screen appearance may just be coincidence.

Unlike most of the clue objects in this particular Knightmare gamebook, there is more than one opportunity presented to use the Potion of Rust; both involve the disintegration of armour.

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