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1. Ooooooh Naaasty!
Regular quote made by Treguard (Hugo Myatt) when a dungeoneer arrived at a sticky end.

Legend has it that the line was never originally scripted but instead an ad-lib which became one of Treguards better known catchphrases.

Provided By: Snowcat, 2004-12-16 02:31:07
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2. Ooooooh Naaasty!
Treguard's catchphrase was the inspiration for more than one username on the Knightmare Discussion Forum. Oooh_Nasty, a male Liverpudlian, joined the forum in February 2003 and has made only two posts since. ohh_nasty joined in June 2003 and has managed only one post, complaining about the abrupt end to Giles' Series 4 quest ('i would be peed of [sic] if i went all the way to level 3 and they had to pull us out because it was at the end of the season'). The forum also had a member simply named nasty, who didn't post at all between registering in March 2004 and the account's deletion by Mystara during 2009.

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Provided By: David, 2009-11-28 20:06:22
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