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1. Iain Lee
Comedian and presenter (born 9th June 1973) who is also a known celebrity fan of Knightmare.
 [Related Image] On the 27th August 2001, he appeared on Channel 4's The 100 Greatest Kids TV Shows, talking about his memories of several of the shows featured in the list, including what lay at 16th place - Knightmare. Interspersed with clips of the first episode, he talked about the show being "the most exciting thing, it was virtual reality on TV". Mentioned were the "jobbing actors coming in, who I'm sure are more than embarrassed by it, pretending to be a jester" but also that "it was the first intelligent game show for kids", "having to work out logistical problems and doing things". The segment closed with his summing up of the show - "It was good, I think".

Coming from a programme which had some shows dismissed with sweeping comments about how all the characters were on drugs, or simply given no time at all and only represented by one short clip, this was a very positive review of the programme, singled out in's review as one of the better parts of the 3 1/2 hour long show (Lee mentioned as coming across a "genuine enthusiast" of Knightmare). A transcript and video clip were made available on An archived copy of the page can be found here.

In 2004 he made his first appearance on LBC radio, filling in for normal host Clive Bull. On the 19th August that year he began asking callers to name old TV shows they used to watch, and while talking to a caller he mentioned Knightmare and plugged the then-repeat runs on Challenge. This was followed by an elderly woman calling in and saying that the Challenge repeats had made her a new fan of the show.

He officially joined LBC the following January, and on 1st May 2005 his show took on a 'Where are they now?', theme, asking listeners to call in and tell him what TV stars of the past were doing now, including 'the presenter of Knightmare'. Just after midnight he got the correct answer of Hugo Myatt from a listener, and a brief list of some roles he had played since the show ended.

He is also a huge fan of former CITV host Tommy Boyd, citing him as one of his broadcasting heroes, and in 2006 launched the 'Triple M' radio show on LBC, where callers go straight to air. Several times during the show he admitted it was a direct lift from Boyd's 'The Human Zoo', which featured many Knightmare-related calls during its run on TalkSport radio from 2000 to 2002.

Triple M ended in September 2007 after managerial changes at LBC, but he has included a similar style of show in his free 'Shindiggery' podcast available from iTunes.

[Addendum by Lexicon moderator:]

As co-host of the MSN GameCast (with Verity Burns and Nik Taylor), Iain mentioned Knightmare during a June 2012 podcast, calling it "awesome".

Iain has referred to Knightmare more than once on social media. In 2010, he tweeted: 'I think the effects on V are done by the same people who dd Knightmare in th 80's.' In March 2014, Iain Lee (re)tweeted about the planned Knightmare Convention.

On 30th April 2016, Iain Lee was a contestant on Celebrity Pointless Series 9 Episode 5. The first round was Presenters of UK Game Shows. Iain was unable to recall the presenter of Knightmare from the initials HM. While Hugo Myatt would have scored Iain 2 points, by naming the presenter of Turnabout (Rob Curling) he gave a pointless answer.

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