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1. Dungeon Doom
Produced in early 1986 by Tim Child, the pilot episode of what later became known as Fun House... sorry, I mean, Knightmare.

Dungeon Doom aimed to be a 15-minute demonstration of programme presentation and gameplay. Hugo Myatt was in place as Dungeon Master, and the team consisted of Tim Child's nephew, an Anglia TV colleague's two daughters and a schoolfriend of theirs.

Dungeon Doom was viewed a month after its production by the so-called ITV Children's Committee (i.e. the decision makers at CITV), and a series (now retitled Knightmare) was duly commissioned. 'The rest, as they say, is history', as they say.

In recent years, uncertainty has arisen over whether the pilot was in fact named Dungeon Danger, as suggested by a document reproduced in David Rowe's Art of Knightmare.

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