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1. Crossing Room
As revealed in David Rowe's Art of Knightmare, each Dungeon level in Knightmare Series 2-3 had a room known as a Crossing Room: a shallower-than-normal adventuring space in which an entrance on the left was connected to an exit on the right (or vice versa) by a straight crossing, raised by means of 'C/K blocks' (metre-high boxes that could be replaced via chromakey technology). The challenge for the questing team could be as simple as stopping to pick up food and as daunting as getting the best of a fatally dangerous magical adversary.
 [Related Image] Level 1: a rocky ledge with a sheer drop to the dungeoneer's right. Characters encountered here included Olaf, Hordriss and Motley (in his first appearance).

Level 2: the location that fans came to know as the Vale of Mogdred, Vale of Worms and (in TES) Bridged Vale was known in production as 2/10b Crossing Room Two, with the 'Two' apparently emphasising its place on the second level of the Dungeon (though in practice it never appeared on any other level). This functional name takes on a more evocative meaning when one considers how dungeoneers 'crossed' a range of adversaries on the bridge, including Gumboil, Mogga and Hordriss.
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Level 3: a shorter path from each doorway connected them to the main crossing - a dragon's snout! Team 4 of Series 2, Team 10 of Series 2 and Team 11 of Series 3 all visited Crossing Room Three. The dragon introduced himself to the latter team as Owen. In the Indiegogo video for the Art of Knightmare crowdfunding campaign, Hugo Myatt commented on the dragon having "given up smoking".
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