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1. Caverns of Gore
 [Related Image] Subterranean Series 6 location that held part of Level 3. The first glimpse of Gore came at the end of Episode 2, when it formed the backdrop to Treguard's closing speech. It was then referred to during Quest 3 by Lord Fear, who said that the current quest object (the Sword) was hidden deep in the caverns. Elita mentioned them during Quest 6: having acquired the Opposition's dragon caller, she said she would throw it off the Rocks of Bruin and into the Caverns of Gore. Team 6 of Series 6 later found themselves in the caverns, on the Great Causeway (pictured).
 [Related Image] When visited by Team 5 of Series 6, the Caverns of Gore were referred to as the Mines of Gore. However, there was no visible evidence of mining. Hordriss, when summoned to Gore via a TRICK spell (pictured), noted how close it was to Mount Fear. Assuming that Level 2's Rocks of Bruin were not, this suggests that the caverns/mines stretch for some distance underground.
 [Related Image] Having crossed the Great Causeway, beaten Lord Fear and acquired the quest object (the Crown), dungeoneer Ben seemed to have no trouble in finding a dwarf tunnel and making his way back to Knightmare Castle.

Although Gore has macabre meaning in itself, it may have been named after Mike Gore, who was in charge of sound on Knightmare Series 5.

The Gore backdrops were also featured in Lords of the Game, the pilot episode made for America. It was implied that the area was part of Mount Fear.

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