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1. Bryan McNerney
For many years, Knightmare fans were uncertain who played Grimwold (and the Behemoth, who bore physical similarities to Grimwold) in Series 3 of the programme, since the actor was never credited. The wildest assumption purveyed was that Erin Geraghty (Mistress Goody) had played the ogre; this was groundless conjecture, and disregarded the facts that Erin Geraghty did not join the cast until Series 4 (and was credited for it), and is most definitely female.
 [Related Image] The Grimwold question became less mystifying in January 2006, when Jon Gough posted on the Knightmare Discussion Forum about an eBay auction of signed Knightmare cast photographs that he was conducting (yes, legitimate Knightmare-related auctions do get mentioned on the forum sometimes). One of the photos was of Series 3's Grimwolds, and John read the actor's signature as 'Bryn McNerney'.

Some online research led David (Drassil) to contact a man named Bryan McNerney. The following reply was forthcoming:
 [Related Image] 'Sadly, I have to admit to being that man...or ogre! ... I'm astonished that the picture has found its way onto the internet ... I do have some fond memories of some of the cast members who were what I'd term "proper actors" rather than someone like me who was really only a "walk-on" or 'lumber on" as I seem to recall... they were really fun to be around. ... thanks for bringing a smile to my face and giving my kids something else to tease me about along with the fact that an SFX survey listed me as No: 64 in their "Who'll Be The Next Doctor Who?" survey.... isn't life just to[o] bizarre to be ever taken seriously!!'

In stark contrast to his Knightmare characters, Bryan is an accomplished polymath, with experience as a broadcaster (for which he is an award winner), historian, writer, photographer and singer.

Furthering that contrast, in 2019 Bryan's website presented him as a Father Christmas for hire.

To sum up, Bryan McNerney played Grimwold and (most probably) the Behemoth in Series 3 of Knightmare.

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